Two animators set out to build a networked animation studio, to collaborate with like minded artists.

We met years ago working together on the all CG film “Monster House.” Dozens of films, commercials, game productions, and studios later we decided to join forces.

We started by doing animation contracting during the pandemic, and began to prototype how a remote animation studio might work. In 2020, we fell down the “rabbit hole,” and began to imagine a decentralized animation studio, specifically for the development of collectible IP that can be owned by it’s community.

Web3 is the inevitable path of entertainment, and, for us… animation production. We are currently prepping to launch, The Bar Bots, our first collectible line of animatable digital characters.

We are always looking for technical and creative collaborators. If you are a digital artist or technologist interested in being an early network member, please fill out this form.

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